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If we were asked to name one living artist in Latin America today who has dedicated his artistic life to honor and pay proper respect to the indigenous population of his native country, we would have to agree that Master Guillermo Trujillo is in the forefront of this category.

Known for his mysteriously whimsical characters, Trujillo’s canvases carry a deep mystical resonance accrued from years of close contact with indigenous groups from his homeland Panama. The artist’s fascination with their spirituality, myths and legends has provided Master Trujillo with the ammunition necessary to invent his own unique pictorial language full of imagination and creativity.

“Panama is a verdant landscape with islands and sea of great beauty. I pay homage to this land of my birth”.

Guillermo Trujillo

Dr. Carol Damian, Art History Professor from The Florida International University, best describes Trujillo’s work when she writes:

“The remnants of ancient pre-Hispanic rituals survive in the art of one of Latin America’sgreatest artists, Guillermo Trujillo. Inspired to synthesize the collective memory of the indigenous peoples of Panama and the artifacts of their heritage, Trujillo creates images of fantasy and grace that are as fantastic as they are contemporary. Rooted in a symbolic language present in native pottery, textiles and baskets, and a magical wand called a nucho, his remarkable paintings capture the spirits of the past as they persevere to cavort with the personalities of the present.

Guillermo Trujillo was born in the rural province of Chiriquí in the Republic of Panama in 1927. He has always been a collector of the varied but distinctive crafts of its indigenous people, and his images are marked by meticulous drawing and patterns that are inspired by the rituals of Panama. The complex pottery and weaving designs found in the archaeological record and today in the crafts of the country are given new and different significance by the master’s brush and his distinctive manner of paying homage to the spirits and rich natural beauty of his homeland.

The person in charge of the rituals and with communication to the world of the spirits is the shaman and his/her magic wand, the nucho, appears in a unique characterization of fantasy in Trujillo’s paintings. The elongated wooden baton inspires a wonderful cast of personalities. Once carved in the shape of animals, birds and other mythical creatures, the nuchos are powerful objects in the hands of the shaman and assist him/her in rituals associated with life, death, fertility, health and other necessities. Trujillo’s nuchos maintain their life and ceremonial power in an imaginary after-life full of fun, intrigue and the graceful dance of nature’s flora and fauna. In every image the past is always present”.

The Americas Collection is proud to present an outstanding exhibition of paintings and drawings by Latin American Master Guillermo Trujillo. The opening night is Friday, December 7, 2007 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. If you would like a preview of this exhibition, please feel free to contact us at 305-446-5578 to make an appointment.

Velia Larcinese
Art Director


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